You can directly donate online anytime, through Proshanti's Virgin Money Giving page

Below is a list of how donations, large and small, can allow the most vulnerable in a community the support that they urgently need.

  • £ 10 will pay for one woman’s antenatal care for a month
  • £ 30 will pay for a normal birth in a clinic
  • £ 140 will pay for an emergency caesarean section
  • £ 145 will pay for a mid-wife for a month
  • £ 175 will pay for a Senior Midwife for a month
  • £ 210 will pay for an outreach worker/project officer for a month
  • £ 900 will pay for one day at a health camp
  • £ 5,000 will pay for an ultrasound machine
  • £ 50,000 will build one section of the proposed Health Centre
  • £ 500,000 will build, equip and run the Healthy Living Centre

Would you like to be part of a venture to make a real difference in the lives of these people? If you do, please donate now and in future.