Proshanti activities

The long term ambition of Proshanti is to build a Healthy Living Centre in Juri. The Centre will combine free or affordable health care with disease prevention and health education.

In 2010 and 2011, free health camps were organised in Juri with volunteer clinicians from the UK. In 2011 a health training programme was developed and training sessions are carried out periodically with volunteer clinicians from the UK.

Various fundraising activities have been carried out including :

  • A "Faith and Clean Up" event in 2011 to clean Whitechapel High Street area and raise funds for Proshanti
  • A 'Pound A Day' event with Woodford County High School as an exercise of living off £1 for the full day as well as fund raising for Proshanti
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Two project managers appointed in both the UK and Bangladesh manage our activities. These are:

  • Prenatal and antenatal training for local health workers
  • Antenatal care in Juri through the Proshanti clinic and local government health centres
  • Setting up and developing partnerships with other health organisations and service providers
  • Creating community awareness and interest in the work of Proshanti
  • Facilitating volunteer clinicians from the UK to work with the Proshanti clinic and other local health providers
  • Getting Proshanti UK registered in Bangladesh as a non government organisation (NGO)
  • Conducting periodic project evaluation visits

In the UK we -

  • Develop and monitor the use of health protocols according to UK standards but adapted to conditions and realities in Bangladesh
  • Develop a pool of volunteer clinicians, supporting them on their visits to Bangladesh and provide services, advice and training in Juri
  • Arrange for Proshanti supporters to visit Juri
  • Build links between selected schools and youth organisations in East London and Juri
  • Expand the network of the Friends of Proshanti
  • Organise awareness and fund raising events in East London
  • Appeal for public donations